Pirates Baseball

     Hey fans.  Week two of the AFL has picked up for the Scottsdale Scopions improving our record to 5-8 and sitting just three games from first place.  We just finished up our game tonight and unfortunately we can up with the short end of the stick losing 10-6.  We are still showing promise and our hitters average and runs per game are among the best in the league. 

     This is a short week for most of the players in the AFL, giving us a day off for the Rising Stars game this Friday.  The Rising Stars game is basically an all-star game for the AFL, but more importantly its the players who are potentally closest to the Major Leagues.  Representing the Pirates is Shelby Ford.  Ford has increased his average to .343 from last week and continues to play a solid second base.  I had the opportunity to play with Shelby this year and he is very hard-nosed.  Meaning he hustles every time he steps on the field and you can always expect full effort.    

      That’s it for this week, and I hope the fans stay tuned in.  If there are any questions along with the comments then I would be happy to answer them.  I would also like to thank everyone that has commented.   

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