First Week in the AFL

Hey Pirate fans.  Jeff Sues here for the weekly update.  Well its been a week of playing games for the Scottsdale Scorpions and its been a little rocky.  We have a lot of talent on this team and I think once we start firing on all cylinders we’ll turn it aroiund.  There is a high level of baseball in Arizona with pitchers throwing in the upper-90’s and hitters launching balls.  Its extremely impressive to see the best of the minor league players all one one field, and it looks like an all-star game with players wearing their minor leage affiliate jerseys. 

    After the first few days of extreme heat in Arizona its cooled down quite a bit and become rather pleasant.  The stands are filled with, sometimes up to 40 scouts, at each game, yet the attendance overall is about 100 to 300 people per game.  Its a very laid back atmosphere with lots of free time and a loose clubhouse.  Players realize that it’s a great opportunity to play in Arizona and are taking advantage of it by having fun and being competitive.

     There are a few Pirate minor leaguers that have started off pretty hot.  Steve Lerud is hitting .571 in his first two games, and Shelby Ford is hitting .304.  Pitchers Derek Hankins and myself are posting a 0.00 ERA in our first two games.

     So fans that’s the update for now and I’ll post again next week.  If there are any comments or questions don’t hesitate to post. 




Nice to see the Curve guys doing well. Had a blast watching you all summer, hope the fall goes well.

Hey Jeff! In case you haven’t seen it yet, lovely Lisa Winston talked about you in “Around the Minors – AFL Edition Part 2”. I hope have a good fall, and find success in Indianapolis and (knock wood) Pittsburgh next year.

Here’s the link to the segment, in case you are interested:


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