Baseball Continues….

Hey fans. 

     This is the last full week of baseball and I think its coming to an end at the perfect time.  Games have been going well this past week and some quality baseball has been shinning through.  The pitchers have started to make adjustments to the hitters by mixing up pitches and thowing off timing.  Overall I think that the players are looking forward to getting some time off in the off-season.  For most players this is the most baseball that anyone has played in their career.  At the end of the AFL we will have totalled about 175 games.   

     I had an interesting conversation with a coach regarding a pitchers inabilty to overpower hitters compared to concentrating on locating pitches and throwing off timing.  Growing up I always heard my coaches tell me to blow the fastball by the batter, and I never heard anyone tell me to hit the catches glove to get outs.  Unfortunately what I learned growing up has been difficult for me to break away from.  My present-day coach tells me that there is nothing you can throw that these hitters haven’t seen before.  Basically saying that throwing to spots in the strike zone is far more important then trying to blow the fastball by him.  For example I had a hitter in a 0-2 count, which puts me in total control.  The catcher calls a fastball a little off the plate trying to make the batter hit a pitch out of the strike zone, which is what I want in that situation.  I accept the sign and I’m about to throw the ball and I tell myself to just throw this ball a little harder and it doesn’t matter where the pitch goes.  I throw the pitch and it travels to the center of the plate.  The hitter hits a double down the line.  My approach was very wrong and I payed for it.  So I’m working on this and realizing that there is a difference between being a pitcher and being a thrower. 

        That is all for this week fans.  There will be only one more entry in this blog for next week and then my off-season starts. 

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